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Access Control System Installation

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Experience Installing Access Control systems for Business across the UK since 1997.

Access Control System Installation

When you are choosing your installer for access control systems, it is important to check if the business is approved by a third party. This will ensure your installer providers superior services but also adds a further level of protection if the quality is poor and not what you expect.

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SSAIB Approved

Britannia Fire and Security are SSAIB approved, a mark of excellence in our industry. This certification gives confidence to our customers that our systems are of the highest quality and the level of services we provide from Installation to Maintenance are of a high standard and check regularly to ensure compliance to the latest legislation. 

Access Control System Quote

When you choose Britannia Fire and Security to install your access control system, the first step is for one of our access control consultants to visit your site to complete a site survey and in-depth consultation.


The site survey allows us to get an understanding of what your business is trying to achieve. Here at Britannia, we pride ourselves on our honest advice and affordable systems which meet your needs and budget.


Once we have identified the best access control system for your businesses needs our in house design team will find the best system that meets your needs. Whether your primary concern is to control employee access to certain areas or link access control solutions for multiple sites, your access control system will be selected with your specifications in mind.


Based on this design, you’ll then receive an in-depth proposal covering access control systems that are most appropriate for your business.

Access Control System Installation

When you have accepted the proposal, our experienced engineers with over 25 years of experience will arrange a date for the installation. Our team will then install your access control system to the highest quality and workmanship.


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Why Choose Britannia?

Established in 1998 Britannia Fire & Security has a reputation for quality and expertise. We provide a comprehensive range of fire alarms, CCTV and security services to offices, schools and commercial businesses across Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and throughout the UK. We hold ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditation’s.

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If your business is looking to: 


  • Looking to install a new access control system for you business
  • Looking to upgrade your existing access control system 


The contact our team our expert team on 01733 246 990 for a no-obligation quote and free site survey so we can find the most suitable solution for your premises. 


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    "Britannia Fire & Security are a very approachable and knowledgeable company, proactive in giving quotations within timescales given, very professional on site and backed up with great office support."

    - CeeTech

    "We really enjoy working with Britannia, we find them to be extremely helpful throughout the process from tendering, design, installation and right through to completion. They have been extremely supportive and most importantly in a professional and timely manner."

    - Wady’s

    "Britannia have a vast and incredibly competent knowledge base, that has helped with many challenging issues with complex systems. Planned installation work has always been completed to a high standard and high level of professionalism, with the added reassurance of supportive after sales care."

    - City of London

    "Having utilised Britannia for many years as part of our MEP supply chain, would highly recommend their services. Professional and knowledgeable team members complimented by an experienced and skilful engineering team they have assisted us in delivering some high quality projects."

    - Playfords

    "Concept-MEP carry out a large number of projects in conjunction with Britannia Fire & Security both in the UK & overseas. This has been a long-standing relationship due to the high quality of service and workmanship that they provide"

    - Concept-MEP

    "More than happy to assist"

    - Algeco

    "I have used Britannia Fire & Security over the past 15 years at various company’s I have worked for. They offer a very professional service in all aspects of Fire and Security, and everyone in the business is aways willing to assist. I wouldn’t have an issue in recommending Britannia."

    - Ken Bird

    Access Control Installation Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Access Control System?

    Access Control Systems typically use an identifier, such as an access card, to authorise employees or people to enter certain areas, and because they are able to record who accessed where and when, they can provide valuable data to help you track how your buildings and sites are being used.


    • Ionisation Alarm (for invisible smoke particles)
    • Optical alarm (for detecting the larger smoke particles and suitable to use throughout buildings)
    • Heat alarm (for detecting heat. Heat sensors are therefore ideal for kitchens)
    • Combined alarms or multi-sensors (detect both smoke and heat)
    • Mains alarms (connected to your buildings electrical supply, meaning you won’t need to change batteries)
    • Interconnected alarms (for an additional level of safety by ensuring that if one alarm triggers, every alarm in that building does)

    Why use an access control system instead of keys?

    Mechanical keys are still the most popular and simplest form of physical access control. However, access control systems are becoming increasingly popular for business, as there are many drawbacks as to why access control system is better than mechanical keys. A few of the benefits to access control are;


    • Employees lose keys
    • Keys don’t leave an audit trail of access
    • If you have a large building, keys can become difficult to manage