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Commercial CCTV Maintenance & CCTV Repair Service

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Commercial CCTV Maintenance & CCTV Repair Service

Britannia Fire and Security always recommend a full maintenance programme to ensure your commercial CCTV systems are working properly so they don’t fail you when you need them most.

Entering a maintenance programme with a company that is accredited by a third party will ensure your CCTV system is operating property, getting the most out of your system and ensuring the protecting your business premises to the best standard. Britannia are SSAIB approved for CCTV systems.

Commercial CCTV Maintenance

When you choose Britannia Fire and Security and enter a maintenance contract, you will receive a document that outlines all aspects of the maintenance agreement including, the frequency of your CCTV servicing and what is included in your agreement (parts & call outs etc).


Some of our CCTV maintenance services frequently include:

  • The number and type of cameras, including lenses, are in accordance with that stated in the specification and any amendment.
  • Indicator lamps are working correctly
  • Warning labels are still in place
  • All cables and conduit are undamaged and showing no signs of wear
  • Physical fixings of all equipment are sound, and not loose or corroded
  • All glands and seals on external equipment are intact
  • Re-directing cameras for optimal coverage
  • Software and firmware updating
  • Remote technical support and assistance
  • Site visits for technical support and assistance 

Full CCTV Maintenance Reports

After your visit from one of our experienced engineers, you will receive a full maintenance report outlining repairs recommended. The recommendations are detailed so your business can understand if they are urgent to the operation of your commercial CCTV system or just recommended. Here at Britannia, we operate honestly and openly. We know that some advisory works may not be a priority for your business and will always leave the end decision with your team.

CCTV Repairs

Does your CCTV system need repairing? We investigate, identify and fix system errors even if the system wasn’t installed by us. We’ll then order any replacement lenses, cameras, software, cables or even a completely new system if required. 


CCTV Repairs Britannia Provide

  • CCTV fault finding
  • Issues with video servers 
  • Problems with streaming images
  • Low quality, or blinking from CCTV footage
  • CCTV Power Supply Issues
  • Replacement of worn / damaged components

stars 5-Star Fire & Security Systems

Why Choose Britannia?

Established in 1998 Britannia Fire & Security has a reputation for quality and expertise. We provide a comprehensive range of fire alarms, CCTV and security services to offices, schools and commercial businesses across Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and throughout the UK. We hold ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditation’s.

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Whats The Next Step?

If you are looking for one of the following options:


If you are looking to enter a maintenance agreement with a trusted brand for your commercial CCTV system


If you’re looking to move away from your current commercial CCTV maintenance partner.


The contact our team our expert team on 01733 246 990 for a no-obligation quote and free site survey so we can find the most suitable solution for your premises.


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    Professional CCTV Maintenance Service

    Your CCTV system is a vital part of your security set-up, so it’s important to make sure it’s running smoothly. Having your CCTV cameras maintained by experienced professionals is imperative. Without routine, preventative maintenance, your CCTV system is far more likely to develop faults or, worse still, fail completely. Not only will this put your property at risk, but it will also cost you money in repairs.

    By contrast, regular maintenance will ensure that your CCTV system is always operating at peak performance, giving you peace of mind and helping to protect your property. So don’t wait for problems to arise – make sure you get your CCTV cameras serviced regularly by the experts here at Britannia Fire & Security.

    Efficient CCTV Repair

    The last thing you want is for your CCTV system to start malfunctioning when you need it the most, which is why we offer reliable and efficient commercial CCTV maintenance services that won’t get in the way of your business operations. We know that time is money, so we’ll work quickly and efficiently to get your system up and running again – no mess, no fuss.

    And because we understand the importance of keeping your business secure, we’ll also take a proactive approach to maintenance, ensuring that any potential problems are caught early and dealt with before they can cause any disruption. 

    stars 5-Star Fire & Security Systems

    CCTV Maintenance Near Me

    We have years of experience in providing CCTV maintenance services to a variety of clients up and down the UK. No matter what type of system you have, we can help to keep it running smoothly and effectively. We offer both one-time services and ongoing contracts, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs. No matter where you are in the UK – we can be of service to keep your commercial property safe.

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    "Britannia Fire & Security are a very approachable and knowledgeable company, proactive in giving quotations within timescales given, very professional on site and backed up with great office support."

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    "We really enjoy working with Britannia, we find them to be extremely helpful throughout the process from tendering, design, installation and right through to completion. They have been extremely supportive and most importantly in a professional and timely manner."

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    "Britannia have a vast and incredibly competent knowledge base, that has helped with many challenging issues with complex systems. Planned installation work has always been completed to a high standard and high level of professionalism, with the added reassurance of supportive after sales care."

    - City of London

    "Having utilised Britannia for many years as part of our MEP supply chain, would highly recommend their services. Professional and knowledgeable team members complimented by an experienced and skilful engineering team they have assisted us in delivering some high quality projects."

    - Playfords

    "Concept-MEP carry out a large number of projects in conjunction with Britannia Fire & Security both in the UK & overseas. This has been a long-standing relationship due to the high quality of service and workmanship that they provide"

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    "More than happy to assist"

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    "I have used Britannia Fire & Security over the past 15 years at various company’s I have worked for. They offer a very professional service in all aspects of Fire and Security, and everyone in the business is aways willing to assist. I wouldn’t have an issue in recommending Britannia."

    - Ken Bird

    The Britannia Promise

    Unrivalled Customer Service

    Our service and maintenance capabilities and technical back up are second to none, ensuring that our customers have peace of mind using the best quality security system on the market.

    Complete Security Solutions

    From complex integrated intruder alarm packages to simple fire alarm detection systems, we can tailor any solution to suit your requirements. We provide the best class systems for your business.

    Experienced Engineers

    With more than 30 experienced engineers at Britannia Fire & Security we are able to provide nationwide coverage for clients in all areas of fire alarms, CCTV and security systems.

    Commercial CCTV Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you maintain a CCTV system?

    It is very important to keep your CCTV system maintained, as failing to do so can ultimately make your business vulnerable. By maintaining your CCTV system will additionally make it easier to claim on insurance in the event of business damage or loss. The most important CCTV components to check are;


    • Camera Lens
    • Wiring
    • Control Equipment

    How Often Should CCTV be serviced?

    It’s highly recommended that you service your CCTV systems at least once a month to check for damages, changes in position, and battery life.


    It’s imperative to keep your systems maintained because in the event of an insurance claim, prosecution or legal requirement the footage may not be valid.


    We also recommend that you have your systems checked annually by a professional service provider, as they will be able to conduct more in-depth checks than you can and spot and fix any developing issues early on, thus increasing the duration. life of your system.